OBM North (2009)

* 4 Ha terrain with bulkstorage
* Dry High-quality storage

OBM is part off:

OBM North (headoffice)

OBM-north consists of a 4 ha area and is equipped with a 230m quay wall with a water depth of 9m (future expansion with another 110m quay wall and all quays with a depth of 10m if the etrance of Moerdijk allows such), capable of handling ships up to approx 25.000 dwt.

At present 6 dry bulk storage facilities are in use and more dry bulk storages are under devolopment for fully covered and high quality storage and separation of a large variety of dry-bulk cargoes like grains, fertilizers, irons, ores, biomass, salts, minerals and recycling products.

The area will also be equippped with its own railway handling facility consisting of 2x350m tracks to handle block trains at once and 70 tonnes weighbridges. OBM operates several hydraulic mobile harbour cranes and shovels with a number of different grab types suited for all types of cargo for all its terminals.

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