dry-bulk and general cargo stevedoring company operating three state-of-the-art terminals in Moerdijk

Overslagbedrijf Moerdijk

Overslagbedrijf Moerdijk (OBM), a stevedoring company in Moerdijk operates 3 terminals located in the port of Moerdijk: OBM-North, OBM-East and OBM-West. In addition to handling a wide variety of dry bulk cargoes (especially high-quality ores, minerals, building materials) and general cargo (pallets, big bags, logs, steel products), OBM has all the permits and is specialized in the handling and storage of various types of of contaminated materials like dry bulk, several ores, minerals, building materials, graines, biomass and waste/recycling products. If desired, OBM provides (inland) transport by sea, waterway, rail and/or road transport.

Materials which we handle:
wood, glass, minerals, steel , bigbags, pallets, soil , sludge, ores, bio mass, unslaked lime, fly ash, petcokes, avi slag, RDF pellets, split, schred, road salt, sand, anode.

Services and facilities:
OBM works with hydraulic mobile cranes, shovels, bobcats, container trucks, truck scalles 70 mt,
road, water and railway transportations inwards and mobile truckdocks for efficient handling on location.

Quay facilities:
• OBM-north: Northern harbor basin, vessel length maximum 201m, draft at the quay max. 8.9m at a local water level of +0.4m NAP.

• OBM-east: Roode Vaart docking port, finger pier, outside: maximum ship length 201m, maximum draft 8.5m at a local water level of 0m NAP. Inside max 6.0m draft and max. width 13.50m. Max. 110×13.50m or max. 135X11.45m applies to inland vessels on the inside.

• OBM-west: Western harbor, ship length maximum 150m, draft max. 5.5m, draft with floating crane max. 8.5m at a local water level of 0 NAP.

The following maximum dimensions apply to ships to and from Moerdijk: length 201m, draft 8.9m and airdraft 45m. Special permission from the HCC / Port of Rotterdam is required in advance for vessels larger than or equal to 150m and/or wider than 33m and/or with a draft greater than or equal to 8.5m.

Opening hours:
For freight traffic; Mon-Fri 07:00-16:00
For ship handling/trains; Mon-Fri 07:00-23:00
Night, weekend and public holidays in consultation (with surcharges)

9,5 ha open / semi-open and closed storage of which 9,5 ha fluid tight. On all locations we have thermal monotoring just in case your product is self heating to prevent damage.

OBM is ISO 9001-2015 certified and BRZO certified at various locations for the storage and transhipment of ADR-9, environmentally hazardous substances.


You can register for a visit to one of the OBM Terminals via the button below (in Dutch):​


OBM-North covers a total area of 4 ha with a 220m quay and a draft for ships up to 8.9m. The quay can later be extended to an additional 110m.

At this terminal, 8 large dry bulk warehouses (total of approx. 24,000 m2) are in use. For the storage of a wide variety of dry bulk goods such as high-quality ores, minerals, salt, fertilizer, biomass and recycling products. This area also frequently involves the conversion of loads from bulk to big bags, to inliner bags, to sea containers, and vice versa.

The site is equipped with 3 calibrated weighbridges up to 70 tons.

Terrain: 4 hectares
Draft: 8.9m
Address: Oostelijke Randweg 5, 4782 PZ Moerdijk
Port number: 136


OBM-east consists of a 3 ha site with open, closed and semi-open bulk storage facilities. In addition, OBM has a so-called finger pier for highly efficient ship-to-ship transfer for ships with a draft of up to 8.5m (outside of the pier, 6m on the inside).

All pavements are certified liquid-tight paved so that all possible waste materials can also be stored. This site utilizes a calibrated weighbridge up to 70 tons. There are also closed and heated storage sheds for general cargo, equipped with dockboards.

Terrain: 3 hectares
Draft: inside pier 6m / outside pier 8.5m
Address: Oostelijke Randweg 42, 4782 PZ Moerdijk
Port number: 128


OBM-west consists of a 2.5 ha outdoor storage area which is fully equipped with liquid-tight certified asphalt floors and leachate water collection systems and is therefore suitable for the storage and processing of a wide variety of waste materials and dry bulk loads such as recycling wood, rubber, glass and contaminated soil.

Additional services can be offered, such as crushing, screening, sorting and washing. Due to its location at the western harbor with a draft of 5.5 meters, OBM also provides forwarding activities such as pre- and post-transport by truck and/or sea and inland shipping. This site is also equipped with a calibrated 70-ton weighbridge.

As of September 1, 2022, OBM is the owner of 3 52m high concrete silos (approx. 3×10,000 tons capacity) at this location for the storage and transhipment of dry powdery substances, which are pneumatically transported in completely closed systems.

Terrain: 2.5 hectares
Draft: 5.5m
Address: Middenweg 26, 4782 PM Moerdijk
Port number: 380


OBM has rail handling facilities at Moerdijk. Currently, OBM loads or unloads trains there on several days a week with various (bulk) goods for its customers. This facility also has permits for the handling of a wide variety of waste and ADR goods.


We currently have no open vacancies.


Oostelijke Randweg 5
Port number 136
4782 PZ Moerdijk
The Netherlands

+31 168 325 881