Overslagbedrijf Moerdijk BV (OBM)
Oostelijke randweg 5
4782 PZ Moerdijk
havennummer M136

tel alg.: (31) 168 325881
tel 24 uur: (31) 168 700121
fax: (31) 168 325882
email: info@obm.nl
ISPS meldingen: ebncentralisten@ebnbreda.nl
internet: www.obm.nl

F. Nooijen, director
+31 (0)6 51236723

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General discription:
OBM is a dry-bulk and general cargo stevedoring company in the sea-port of Moerdijk in the Netherlands (20km south of Rotterdam), and is operating three different terminals at present.

- OBM North (headoffice), Oostelijke Randweg 5 , 4782 PZ, Havennummer 136 , Noordelijke insteekhaven
- OBM East, Oostelijke Randweg 42, 4782 PZ , Havennummer 128, Insteekhaven Roode vaart
- OBM West, Middenweg 26 , 4782 PM, Havennummer 380, Westelijke insteekhaven

Besides the handling off a great variaty of dry bulk cargoes and general cargo, OBM has all licences and is specialised in handling all kinds of contaminated materials like dry bulk, like several ores, minerales, buildingmaterials, granes, biomass and waste/recycling products. If our customers require, we will take care of inland transportation by water / railway or road.

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Materials which we handle:
wood, glass, minerals, steel , bigbags, pallets, soil , sludge, ores, bio mass, unslaked lime, fly ash, petcokes, avi slag, RDF pellets, split, schred, road salt, sand, anode.

Services and facilities:
hydraulic mobile cranes, shovels, bobcats, container trucks, truck scalles 70 mt,
road, water and railway transportations inwards and mobile truckdocks for handling on location.

quay facilities:
- Noordelijke insteekhaven, max 200 m, draft max. 9,0m.
- Insteekhaven Roode Vaart, finger quay, max. 190 m, draft max. 8,0m, draft finger quay 8,5m.
- Westelijke insteekhaven, max. 150m, draft max. 5,5m, draft with floating crane max. 8,4m.

Opening hours:
07:00 - 16:00u, 24 hours on request.

9,5 ha open / semi-open and closed storage of which 9,5 ha fluid tight. On all locations we have thermal monotoring just in case your product is self heating.

General Conditions:
The General Conditions of the Society of Rotterdam Stevedores, 12th august 1976, as filed at the district-court of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, are applicable on all stevedoring activities (including loading and unloading of ships, trains and trucks as well as storage of goods and handling of goods in store at OBM) performed by OBM. On all other activities performed by OBM the Dutch Expedition Conditions , 1 july 2004 are applicable, filed at the district-courts of Amsterdam, Arnhem, Breda, and Rotterdam all in the Netherlands, with the exeption of the arbitration clause. A copy of mentioned general conditions shall be send to you without cost upon first request or can be downloaded by clicking on the link above.










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